STEMgem is a device toolkit that allows learners to create real, useful and relevant technology. We bring the impact of tech innovation to STEM education. By MIT engineers & Harvard educators. What will you create?

    How Does STEMgem Work?

    We provide smart device toolkits to schools, teachers, parents, and students. The toolkit comes with a device you can customize and wear around your wrist, as well as different sensors that can measure movement, health, and more.
    Your STEMgem connects to our online editor. All you need is an internet browser (e.g. on Laptop, Chromebook, or iPad). No coding required! In a minute, you'll send text to the display and you'll have made your first wearable. And that's just the beginning!
    In minutes, you'll create a custom app that shows live sensor data. It'll be easy to go from there. You might invent and build new smart devices, hardware, apps, wearables, medical devices, communication devices, and much more
    You'll see what a big difference your technology can make for people. This is a key experience in STEM education and is truly engaging. And it makes us happy!
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    The best tech starts with you.


    Participants learn about user-centric design, creativity methods and people skills.


    Completely new approaches solve problems in meaningful ways. Participants own their creations.

    Girls in Tech

    Increase female participation in technology related fields by opening up pathways that focus on people and creativity.

    Mindset Change

    Students get real-life exposure and gain real-world experience in a personally meaningful way.

    Girls' Confidence Increase After 2-Hour Workshop with STEMgem

    Tech (Hardware) Creation Skills
    Create a Product People Like / Use
    "There are lots of STEM clubs that speak to those teens that are already into STEM. But we need to invest in the other 90%. STEMgem is the first tool that does that."
    "I've had an Arduino and a Raspberry Pie sitting around, but I just haven't had the time to figure out how to use them in class. STEMgem is easy to get started with and ready to go for class."
    "Students are 'hooked' just 5 minutes into the workshop when they have already created technology just like what they use every day. It's remarkable where students take it and what they come up with."

    Team - who we are

    Larissa Nietner (PhD)
    Larissa Nietner (PhD)Co-Founder & CEO
    Larissa developed her vision for STEMgem based on a personal experience, in which she felt the impact of inventing technology for others. She introduced the concept to MIT and turned her work into a PhD. She is the visionary driving force behind STEMgem.
    Scott Nill (PhD)
    Scott Nill (PhD)Co-Founder & CTO
    Scott has been an innovator since childhood. His idea behind STEMgem was to make technical creativity socially relevant, and he built on technology innovation from industry to implement the idea. Scott is the mastermind behind STEMgem's unique technology.
    Eva Olbers
    Eva OlbersCo-Founder & CMO
    Eva is passionate about education to empower people of all backgrounds. She worked as a consultant, venture capitalist, and as an ambassador for innovative ed-tech before joining STEMgem. Eva is now leading our marketing, communication, and business development.
    Harvard Innovation Lab Presidents Innovation Challenge Winner STEMgem

    2018 Grand Prize Winner

    STEMgem won the Grand Prize ($75,000) in the Open Track at Harvard's prestigious startup competition.

    2018 Grand Prize Winner

    MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Winner STEMgem

    2018 Winner

    STEMgem came in 2nd and won a $10,000 award to use over 15 months at MIT's social impact competition.

    2018 Winner

    MIT 100K Finalist STEMgem

    2018 Finalist

    STEMgem was among the top 8 at MIT's biggest startup competition ($10,000 award).

    2018 Finalist

    MIT Sandbox Funded STEMgem


    STEMgem received seed funding grants from MIT's Sandbox Innovation Fund.


    Mass Challenge STEMgem

    2018 Finalist

    STEMgem is a finalist at MassChallenge this summer.

    2018 Finalist

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